Psychiatry of Workplace Dysfunction

Posted by Josh Gibson on Tuesday, December 19, 2017
After a long journey, I'm proud to announce the publication of Psychiatry of Workplace Dysfunction: Tools for Mental Health Professionals, Managers, and Employees by Oxford University Press. I had the privilege to edit the work of some of the giants of occupational psychiatry (David Morrison, M.D., Barrie Greiff, M.D., Duane Hagen, M.D. and Jerrold Post, M.D., among others) while active on the Committee on Work and Organizations at the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry. The collective wisdom in the room while we were writing the original manuscript was always amazing.

Many thanks to the current committee and Sean Sassano-Higgins, M.D. for updating our work and finding a home for our previously orphaned manuscript! 

You can buy in directly from Oxford University Press or Amazon, where you can look inside and see that I'm officially old enough to gain the title of "editor emeritus!"

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